The Artistry of Traditional Craftsmanship


The artisans behind Little Moroccan Things® are traditional craftsmen and craftswomen with incredible talent. They preserve a rich cultural and artistic heritage passed down from close people or family members to the next generation. It is a long process of teaching and learning between masters and apprentices – generation after generation.  

These Master Artisans teach their apprentices in specific worksite environments or workshops through verbal instruction and practice, where they have a chance to learn what it takes to be the next craftsmen. Becoming a master craftsman takes skill, talent, experience, and extreme dedication to the designated craft. These exceptional artists never disappoint: their creations are the perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and emotional power.

Our craftsmen and craftswomen are known for their passion. Like us, they are devoted to transferring their invaluable knowledge and expertise to younger generations, keeping centuries-old traditions and craftsmanship alive.

Knowing what it takes to create such unique crafts allows you to truly appreciate these masterpieces of rare quality. They are so unlike today’s wide range of mass-production products. 

Little Moroccan Things® is proud to feature the work of art of these talented artisans while bringing timeless pieces and quality products to your home that will last you a lifetime, and more.