The Right Bulbs to Use with a Moroccan Lamp

best bulbs for moroccan lamps

Our artisanal Moroccan lamps can create a charming style and ambient in any interior design. The gorgeous, complex visuals of these lights grab attention and make any room magical and inviting. While each artisanal lamp is designed to give you those beautiful patterns on the ceiling, you can get outstanding results with the right bulbs.

This is the case for any Moroccan lights, whether a Moroccan lamp, a Moroccan chandelier, or a Moroccan pendant light. Picking the right bulb will give you the desired brightness and point out the mesmerizing and warm shadows they provide so well.

Here is our guide to picking the best bulb for your Moroccan lamp as well as our recommended picks.

Tips to Choose the Best Bulb for a Moroccan Lamp

1.Go for a Clear Glass Bulb

Choose a bulb with clear glass instead of frosted glass to get sharp shadows and more defined patterns coming from the pinholes that will decorate your ceilings and walls. These clear glass bulbs give off beams of light, unlike frosted bulbs which cast a glow that’s insufficient to get the beautiful shadow patterns.

best bulb moroccan lamp
A clear glass bulb (right) will give more defined patterns than a frosted bulb (left)

2.Don’t Shy Away from Bright Bulbs

There is a popular belief that a bright bulb gives a harsh light. This is not true. In fact, a bright bulb will also create an intimate ambiance as long as it has a warm color temperature (as seen above). In general, we recommend choosing a warm bulb with a brightness of 800 lumens or higher to achieve the softness and warmness that our Moroccan lamps can provide.

3.Stick With Warm-Color Temperatures

The warmth of light is crucial when it comes to Moroccan lamps. You want a “soft white” or “warm white” bulb (2700 – 3000K) that will make your room feel warm and cozy. Avoid using “bright white” or “daylight” bulbs as they will ruin the effect of your Moroccan lamp.

4.Choose Bulbs With Few Light Filaments

The shadows created by Moroccan lamps depend greatly on the bulb filaments. Mainly, the fewer filaments a bulb has, the more crisp and defined the shadows will be.

You can either go for a halogen bulb with one filament or, for a more energy-efficient choice, you can pick a LED bulb with few filaments.

Our Favorite Picks

  • This E26 LED Bulb provides a warm-white color temperature and a brightness of 900 lumens. With only two light filaments, it’s a perfect bulb for Moroccan lamps especially for chandeliers and light pendants.
  • This E26 vintage LED Bulb has a silver tip perfect to avoid strong glare on opposite surfaces. This type of bulb is a great choice to use with any Moroccan lightings which designs do not cover the bulb entirely.