A Glimpse into a Moroccan Tea Ceremony

tea party decor

We love the intimacy of a Moroccan tea party. This Moroccan dolce far niente celebration is a serious thing in Morocco and what ties family and friends together, allowing them to chill, catch up and connect.

More than a party, it’s a ceremony that encourages intimacy through cozy decor, hot minty tea, and tons of pastries. The decor favors extravagantly thick and soft wool rugs and a comfortable and more grounded sitting – using low coffee tables and poufs. But a Moroccan party wouldn’t be complete without the tea ceremony.

The ceremony consists of pouring the sweet Moroccan tea from hand-engraved silver teapots and into glasses full of fresh mint leaves. Rose petals, verbena, and cinnamon can be added to the drink for their mood-enhancing properties and their rich and complex flavors. As the discussions go and the warmth of tea makes people chattier, the host continues serving pastries and refilling the guests’ empty cups.

tea party
tea party decor

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