Moroccan Wedding Blanket Throw HANDIRA


Moroccan Berber wedding blankets – also called Handira throws – are traditionally handmade by the bride’s relatives prior to her wedding. Only the women known for their good hearts participate in the making process as they are believed to bring good luck to the bride.

Moroccan wedding blankets are entirely hand-weaved and hand-decorated taking weeks, months, and sometimes years to finish. Each mirrored sequin is sewed individually and is meant to reflect the evil eye and protect the new couple. The sequins sparkle beautifully during lighted days and by the fire at night. They are gifted to the bride on her wedding day to wish her luck and protect her marriage from bad energy. The bride wears her blanket on her head on her wedding day, then uses it on the marital bed as a throw blanket and a beautiful decor piece.

moroccan wedding blanket handira
Moroccan Wedding Blanket Throw HANDIRA