Moroccan tea set Bundle


Our Moroccan tea set bundle features our best-selling products: our Moroccan large teapot perfect for a gathering of 5+ people, our large Moroccan tray, and our organic Moroccan Berber tea mix with verbena and rosebuds.

Silver Moroccan Teapot SHINE

Our teapots are heavier than most Moroccan teapots in the market, with a premium finish to make them more durable and resistant. Each teapot was handmade and hand-engraved by one of our artisans in Fez, Morocco.

Moroccan Silver Tray SHINE

Like our teapots, this hand-hammered Moroccan tray, with beautiful engravings and a lustrous silver finish, has premium quality. Use it as a serving tray for your tea, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres when hosting parties, or place it on your coffee table to hold your magazines or candles.

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Moroccan Tea Mix Berber Atay Loose Leaf

Our esteemed Moroccan tea mix follows the traditional tea recipe used in Moroccan Berber wedding celebrations. Made with organic gunpowder tea leaves, organic rose buds, and other organic herbs to make the perfect heart-warming cup of tea. Made in the US.

moroccan tea set bundle
Moroccan tea set Bundle


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