Our Approach to Animal Welfare

At Little Moroccan Things, we only work with Moroccan farmers who respect and enforce the Five Freedoms, an internationally recognized welfare standard for livestock. It is important to us to ensure that animals do not suffer from hunger and thirst, pain, discomfort, distress and that they are free to express normal animal behaviors.

Our cows and sheep are locally raised in Morocco. They graze freely on fresh and sunny pasture for at least eight hours a day to benefit from high-quality grass, hydration, and nutrition. We collaborate with farmers who understand this and genuinely care about animal welfare.

animal welfare morocco

We only use the skins and wool of animal by-products that were bred for the food industry. That’s one of the reasons why our products are made-to-order and why there is a production waiting time for some products. The respect of animal welfare also guarantees full, thick, and luxuriant hides and wool for superior-quality products.

We care about animal welfare. If you have any questions about our animal welfare engagement with Moroccan farmers, you can reach out to us here.