The Best Moroccan Teapot To Make Mint Tea

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Moroccan mint tea has a widespread reputation for its wonderful aroma and taste. It is delightful when served from the traditional teapot (or kettle). The tea drinker has a special set consisting of a tray and decorated tea glasses. This makes it a kind of ritual; however, it is a daily tradition for most. It is a must for family celebrations or just relaxation.

It is easy to make in a mere ten minutes, requiring a handful of ingredients. The right teapot is the key. Traditional tea is not made by infusing a bag in hot water. To get the special taste, you must follow a specific procedure, using the designated pot. You can find them easily but they often require a bit of an investment. They are well worth it, of course. 

You will want to make Moroccan mint tea once you have tried it, but the pot serves other purposes as well such as for wine, juice, and coffee. For one thing, it is attractive as a décor item. They are one of a kind in most homes, but to ensure authenticity, here are our tips.

Where to Find the Best Teapot

The first thing to check when buying your Moroccan teapot is that you are dealing with a reputable vendor who makes teapots in Morocco. In fact, the market is full of imitation teapots that are manufactured and far from being handmade. Not only the quality will be poor compared to an artisanal Moroccan teapot, but you will also not be sure of the materials used to make your teapot. Click to read more about our artisans.

Other Things to Check When Buying a Moroccan Teapot


There are other important factors to check to make sure you get the right Moroccan teapot for your family.

  • Heat resistance as the teapot will be in direct contact with a stove heat for a few minutes while the tea is steeping. Steeping is the process of leaving the mind leaves in boiling water, i.e., a very high temperature. No wonder it is not advised to use ceramic, glass, or clay. It may crack as it is not likely heat resistant. Never mistake a beautiful display item for a heat-resistant utility teapot. Even with a heat-resistant teapot, it is advised to use a heat diffuser to preserve your pot and avoid burn spots.
  • Select a teapot without “feet”: The teapot will obviously sit flat on a surface. Basic silver brass Moroccan teapots have no feet and are compatible with most stoves.
  • Serving size: Moroccan mint tea is served in small cups. As with any good thing, quality is more important than quantity. More than two cups are not usually served. Moroccans like to slowly sip their tea until it cools. It can be warmed if necessary by adding more tea. For a gathering of more than four, you will need a 32 oz teapot.

Moroccan Tea Glasses

The ritual of tea drinking is made even more special with colorful glasses. You can chose from a variety of lovely designs from bold to discrete. Many Moroccans mix patterns to create a personal to taste. The good news is that these glasses come in a myriad of colors and designs. They are lovely to display when not in use.

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Teapot Quality

Quality always varies so it takes a keen eye to spot the best teapot. It is a reflection of the skill of the artisan and the merchant’s selection. Weight and engraving techniques are obvious indicators. Avoid lightweight items and overly simple engraving work. You want a nice, heavy pot that will endure over time.

Price tells the tale. You get what you pay for. If you want high quality and high durability in an artisan pot, you will have to commit a fair sum. Don‘t be fooled by copies manufactured in India or China. They are an insult to local craftsmanship and don’t wear well. Learn to recognize fine engraving work by comparing the bad versus the attractive wares.

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Our Selection of Artisanal Moroccan Teapots and Tea Sets

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