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Handmade by master artisans, the Atlas Duffle from Little Moroccan Things is a graceful nod to the union of artistry and function. The leather—a cow by-product—is handstitched and dyed at Chouara Tannery, the oldest tannery in the world (Fez, Morocco). Created using centuries-old techniques, traditional craftsmen and craftswomen shepherd your heirloom-worthy bag through a labor-intensive journey that may take upwards of three weeks. Timing also depends on weather conditions and the workload in the tannery. The lining of the Atlas Duffle is made from recycled vintage Moroccan rugs, making each bag unique and special. Generations of craftspeople dedicate their lives to this artistry, and their expertise offers the opportunity for customization as well. Holding this bag is a stirring experience. It gifts to you a visceral, genuine connection to those who crafted it.
Perfect for: People who appreciate craftsmanship, those looking for heirloom quality, anyone who values an authentic, sustainable supply chain.

New York Lifestyles Magazine, January, 2022

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