Horn Combs – All you Should Know

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Horn Combs Ethical?

Our horns are a by-product of the meat and dairy production farms. Like leather, our horns are collected from slaughterhouses in Morocco. Instead of trashing the horns, our artisans use them to create elegant combs that are also great for damaged and frizzy hair.

Who can use horn combs?

Everyone can use our horn combs. They are one of our best-sellers for both women and men.

Do horn combs really reduce static hair?

Yes, artisanally-made horn combs considerably reduce static electricity and any frizz in the hair. Most manufactured horn combs don’t help with frizz as they are coated with a material that creates electricity.

Why are plastic combs bad for hair?

It’s simple: hair has a negative charge while metal and plastic combs have a positive charge. Brushing your hair with any of these combs creates static electricity or frizz.

Can horn combs be used with a blow dryer?

Yes, absolutely! Our horn combs can be used with a blow dryer.

Can horn combs be used on wet hair?

Our horn combs can be used with wet hair to help reduce frizz. Just make sure that you dry them with a paper towel after use on wet hair.

How do you care for a horn comb?

Rinse our horn comb with water after use and leave it on a clean towel or cloth to dry. Do not soak it in water to prevent brittleness. It’s also important to avoid leaving it on a wet surface.

Are Little Moroccan Things® horn combs ethical?

Yes! Our horn combs are ethically sourced from sheep and cows’ by-products bred for the food industry and not solely for their horns.

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