Berber Carpets: The Best Way to Clean a Stain

how to clean Berber carpet

Cleaning a Stain from a Berber Carpet Berber rugs are popular as an elegant and decorative contribution to any home decor. For owners and prospective buyers, a few tips on cleaning Berber carpets will help their appearance and longevity. It is not difficult to maintain and its beauty should inspire for many years to come. […]

Argan Oil for Beard Care, What are the Benefits?

argan oil for beard

Men with beards have a new personal care option recommended by many beard and hair experts and that is: using argan oil for beard care. This pure and ultra-rich oil is ideal for beauty products and various hair and beard treatments.  In fact, argan oil, also called ”liquid gold”, contains ingredients known for hair and skincare, […]

The Art of Berber Jewelry: Silver and Stones

Berber silver fibula with precious stones

The Art of Berber Jewelry: Silver and Stones Some of the most enticing and beautiful Berber jewelry comes from traditional Moroccan silversmiths. It is a highly prized craft in Morocco. They are not only treasured works of art, but they communicate history through symbolism. Antique and modern pieces alike tell the Berber story. Adorning oneself […]

Horn Combs – All you Should Know

natural horn comb

Frequently Asked Questions Are Horn Combs Ethical? Our horns are a by-product of the meat and dairy production farms. Like leather, our horns are collected from slaughterhouses in Morocco. Instead of trashing the horns, our artisans use them to create elegant combs that are also great for damaged and frizzy hair. Who can use horn […]

How to Clean Brass and Bring Back Its Beautiful Shine

how to clean brass

Our brass artisanal products are handmade using the best quality of solid brass. Like silver and gold, solid brass can look dull or tarnished with time, especially in a highly humid environment. This makes your beautiful brass items lose their glowing shine. Luckily, there are many ways to polish brass and make your items look […]

The Right Bulbs to Use with a Moroccan Lamp

best bulbs for moroccan lamps

Our artisanal Moroccan lamps can create a charming style and ambient in any interior design. The gorgeous, complex visuals of these lights grab attention and make any room magical and inviting. While each artisanal lamp is designed to give you those beautiful patterns on the ceiling, you can get outstanding results with the right bulbs. […]

Inside a Traditional Moroccan wedding

moroccan wedding decor

A Traditional Moroccan wedding ceremony usually starts three days before the celebration day with a hammam ritual which involves deep skin exfoliation, waxing, massaging, and body perfumery for the bride and her closest friends. Follows a bachelorette party at home, also called Henna night – a very festive celebration with hours of chanting, belly dancing […]