Argan Oil for Beard Care, What are the Benefits?

argan oil for beard

Men with beards have a new personal care option recommended by many beard and hair experts and that is: using argan oil for beard care. This pure and ultra-rich oil is ideal for beauty products and various hair and beard treatments. 

In fact, argan oil, also called ”liquid gold”, contains ingredients known for hair and skincare, including fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A and E and assorted minerals all laden with natural health benefits.

Pure, high-quality argan oil is hard to find, and it is only produced in southern Morocco, which has the right ecosystem for the precious trees. the argan trees are not easy to raise and harvesting can be arduous. Then the fruit must be processed into argan oil. It is a long tedious process, and obtaining one liter (34oz) of pure argan oil takes more than eight hours of toil and hard work.

The Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Beard Care

Most men do not deal with the health of their mustaches and beards as they seldom have the time or resources. They also don’t trust beard and mustache beauty products as the have tried many in the past and have not had any satisfactory results. Argan oil offers benefits for beard care that most beauty products – expensive or not – won’t. It’s a very cost-effective oil, very easy to use  – in fact only a couple drops are enough with each use and the results can start showing in a couple of weeks only. 

Here are some of the benefits of pure argan oil for beard care:

  • Normal washing can dehydrate facial hair, and therefore the application of oil is desired. Even special beard soaps and beard shampoos do not contain all the required ingredients and can be harsh on your beard in the long run. That’s why argan oil is a must, it functions as a basic moisturizer for the beard while promoting sebum production. 
  • Argan oil will also make facial hair shiny and healthy looking. Another key benefit is accelerating hair growth through the action of vitamin E. If a man wishes to maintain a full beard, argan oil is here to help. No more split ends and obvious dehydration. Beard hair is often left out of self-care, but for a thicker beard, this fatty oil is mandatory. It works in the same way as it does for scalp hair.
  • When shaving your facial hair to trim a beard, you can get nicked by a sharp razor. It can also burn and scar delicate skin. Argan oil comes to the rescue to repair these repeated, small wounds thanks to its amazing anti-scarring properties.
  • Argan oil also eliminates dead skin, facilitates circulation and cell renewal, and revitalizes the beard all at the same time. 

How to Use Argan Oil on Your Beard

The application of argan oil is simple. You can either use it directly on your beard – it won’t make it greasy as argan oil absorbs quickly – or add it to shaving and skincare products for an extra nutritional boost.

how to use argan oil on beards

Put a couple drops of pure quality argan oil into the palm of your hand and proceed to massage the oil into your beard, being sure to reach the roots. This can become a daily relaxing ritual. 

It is wonderful as a night treatment too and applied directly on the beard and face. Start by washing the beard with a gentle product at the right ph. It is best to apply argan oil on clean facial hair. Brush the beard gently if long enough regularly to generate natural hydrating sebum production. You can use a special comb to limit frizz if your beard hair gets frizzy easily. 

using argan oil on beard
Washing your beard before applying argan oil as a treatment is a must

Apply the oil as directed. Argan oil is a ‘’dry oil’’ meaning it doesn’t feel greasy and you can sleep with it without staining your pillow. The oil will impregnate the beard as you sleep. In the morning, remove the covering and wash again with a mild shampoo.

The Quality of Your Argan Oil Matters

Not all argan oils are equally pure and beneficial. The best argan oil is made with argan nuts grown in Morocco in female-operated agricultural cooperatives who proceed with traditional extraction techniques. Like our premium argan oil, pure argan oils are extracted from the argan tree in Morocco in a long process. Quality control is of the essence throughout. The female artisans select the best kernels for harvesting and use clean equipment, pure water and traditional extraction techniques to preserve the nutrients. Using argan oil for your beard is the best investment you will make. You beard will look healthy, thick and frizz-free day after day.

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