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We are Little Moroccan Things, a small-batch craft brand.

We partner with some of the last traditional artisans in Africa to create high-quality home and lifestyle products




berber necklace amber coral

ANIA – Our Berber Necklace with precious stones

A jewelry keeper! Our berber necklace ANIA is handmade by a master artisan in southern Morocco. The stones are genuine coral and amber, and the charms are in vintage silver sterling. It is a true beauty that will stay in your family for generations.

leather bag travel man

BROOKLYN – Our Artisanal Leather Duffle Bag

This duffle bag is handmade in Morocco by one of Africa’s last traditional leather artisans. The leather, a cow’s by-product, is shaped in the oldest tannery in the world  located in Fez, Morocco; it is colored using only natural dyes. Each bag is hand sewn to make an incredibly high-quality duffle bag that will age beautifully.

cactus silk pillow green

Our Hand Dyed and Handwoven Cactus Silk Pillow Cases

Our female artisans in the Atlas mountains create beautiful traditional cactus silk pillows. Each of our pillows is entirely handmade from start to finish. The silk fibers are manually extracted from the cactus plant and colored using natural dyes. Did you know that the refreshing green color of this pillow comes from peach peel?

natural horn comb

Our Natural Horn Combs

We count among our team some of the last artisans in the world to master horn shaping. Through a thorough process of 40 artisanal steps, our artisans create beautiful horn combs that are rounded and elegant. Each comb has its unique patterns and colors and is naturally rich in keratin making it the perfect protecting comb for all hair types.


Little Moroccan Things supports Moroccan artisans going through difficult times due to the Covid-19 crisis, accompanying them and helping them with targeted support